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I decided to create something for my shop that people who didn`t have time or didn`t have a place for souvenirs in their backpack or luggage, can still have opportunity to buy nicely and professionally designed souvenirs related to Belgrade ONLINE AND ANY TIME BEFORE OR AFTER THE TRIP, and made by someone who adores the city she lives in.

I decided to create magnets for this shop, as I slowly found out that the illustrations I am working on to become stickers and other products looked sooo good as magnets and I am huge magnet fan with big collection from my travelling adventures.

I am so excited that you are here reading all the info… hope experience of visiting my shop will be pleasure and fun… in case you have anything more to ask, please do message me.

Design info: Each and every design is made by my hand, sketched on paper, and then digitally painted in Adobe Photoshop… there are no fonts, only my own decorative typography and calligraphy solutions! I wanted everything made for selling in this store to be highly unique, inspiring, and looking highly professional, to show you my ambition and display respect in advance.

I use Chinese nonbranded, but very cool laser machine to engrave and cut the 3mm plywood board, and the most eco-friendly glue to put a strong magnet on the other side. On every back of the magnet, you will see my stamps and with an interesting story behind the design and related to the Belgrade stories from its culture, history or everyday life.

My mascot BG BIRD is gender-neutral all throughout the shop 99% of the time, so you can relate to it… hopefully:)

Size: varies from 4 cm round up to 10 cm biggest height or width depends on the design, which you may look, there will be around 15 different ones.

Packaging: I will make sure to wrap it properly after put in a cellophane bag, so it doesn`t come to you damaged.

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Dimensions 10 × 7 × 0,4 cm

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