Yes, of course, you may order something within my reach material wise. If I find the time at the moment we should set up the deadline. After you provide me with the details of your order I will get back to you soon. Also, it would be great to display it on BgBird’s Instagram, so if the bird character is within your brief, you bet I will be more interested in doing it! It is all about developing stories with the character after all.

Some of the products – stickers for ex. can be shipped right away, as I print them in bulks most of the time. If you are a reseller I cannot wait to hear from you and make bigger quantities. Mugs are made fastly, so whichever design you choose, it takes 1 day to produce it and ship it within next working day. Toys, on the other hand, are made one by one and each and every will be unique and slightly different, which makes it even more beautiful and exciting to own. It takes up to 7 days for a toy to be hand-made and shipped. Magnets are usually ready or the shiping. As for the games or sticker book I need a day to produce in my studio, rarely few days. Regarding the books – I hope I will have enough interested buyers to order as it can be printed only in bigger circulation, so book are waiting for the order 🙂

It takes up to 4 weeks depending on the shipping location. I can always send it via express courier if you need it sooner. Send me the message to explain you the method.

Yes, as far as my ambition and consciousness goes, everything is vegan based.

At this moment, PayPal is the only viable option. If your bank approves paying via PayPal as a method of payment, that is practically the same thing.

Everything sold on this website is made by me in my small studio, with crafting and DIY equipment such as Cricut Explore Air 2 for stickers, Laser engraving and cutting machine for everything made from plywood and my heat press and printers. Hand made toys are made to order in Belgrade by wonderful Ljiljana Ljubic.

Absolutely, the less waist – the better! I use stamps instead of additional leaflets and stickers and try to focus on the things you are going to keep after opening the package. The packaging is made of recyclable materials 99%

You will get confirmation email right after you purchase something from TheBgBird.com

I believe that all of my customers should be happy and smile when they think about what I produce and need to trust in me as DIYer. If the package was mistreated in the transport, even if I am not responsible for that, you still deserve a refund or, a new package with the same content to be sent your way again.

Yes. Photographs you see on web shop page is made by Tijana Djindjic, professional photographer living and working in Belgrade. Items represented on 100% white background is visual representation of the product.

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