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Hi, and welcome to my cute micro brand mug designed for coffee lovers!

There is also tea loving mug designed here on my  shop, if you have passionate friends for tea more then coffee, or if you find it funny for your significant other to divide and identify which mug on the table is yours, and which one is for him or her lol… Usually, people are not awaking early in the morning so easily, so I thought it can be interesting creative addition to your morning hot beverage routine…

Design info: Each and every design is made by my hand, sketched on paper, and then digitally painted in Adobe Photoshop… there are no fonts, only my own decorative typography and calligraphy solutions! I wanted everything made for selling in this store to be highly unique, inspiring, and looking highly professional, to show you my ambition and display respect in advance…

I use Epson L310 sublimation printer for transfering design onto mugs along with my FreeSub mug heat press.

I enjoyed so much illustrating this cute yellow bird as Native American with tea leaves as feathers enjoying the enjoying his/her ritual moment…My mascot BG BIRD is gender neutral all throughout the shop 99% of the time, so you can relate to it, or find it interesting as a gift to someone who adores drinking tea… Perfect for tea parties, right?…

Size: 11 oz white mug with sublimation coating

Packaging: I will make sure to wrap mug in bubble wrap, and then put it into sterdy cardboard box.

Additional information

Weight 0,55 kg
Dimensions 15 × 17 × 15 cm

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